Centralex community update: Development

To give you (our community) some insight into what is happening behind the scenes: Our team is working around the clock to initialize the new payment options into the Centralex launchpad, this correlates to your requests and the feedback we received from the market, yes, we are talking about methods of payment that translate into savings for the investors in the terms of gas fees. This overall strengthens the Centralex launchpad and will open the doors for more diversified product offerings down the road, we really believe that you early adopters and first movers will gain the maximum benefits from this continued development.

One of our core products, “The exchange” is in the middle of final deployment and testing, ensuring that once the doors are open on the 15th of May all requirements will be fulfilled and people can immediately start to trade safely and efficiently on the platform, bringing further savings to traders and offering a great selection of initial trading pairs, coupled up with various on/offramp solutions.

What all the above translates to is a technical team of over 12 members working diligently to deliver.

On the marketing front, it’s worth noting that since we officially truly only started on this campaign, early April (3 weeks!), our community has grown exponentially and has finally started engaging with us across most platforms, we believe that this is a testament to investor confidence on our project. We will continue to expand on these fronts. There is a new panel of advisors and ambassadors that will be revealed in a near future, and an arsenal of strategic partnerships that have not been mentioned to you yet as these are industry-shaking deals and are quite sensitive whilst in the infant stage. We ask that you trust us in this as we commit to ensuring the timing is right.

We are more than a few steps closer to reaching our goal and we would like to thank everyone here that has contributed to this dream getting closer to a reality for us at Centralex.

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Centralex is a Hong Kong based international cryptocurrency exchange. With a global vision in mind and an international office footprint spanning two continents

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