Centralex implements real-time ID verification with Shufti Pro integration

Extended user onboarding and compliance have been two perennial pain points in the ecosystem of crypto exchanges right through the inception. To eliminate the risk of fraudulent activities or fake users in real-time and ensure compliance, Centralex crypto exchange has collaborated with Shufti Pro, an identity verification solution that deploys AI and HI hybrid technology.

Real-time identity verification
A Hong Kong-based next-generation crypto exchange, Centralex has chosen Shufti Pro for providing PCI (payment card industry) compliant KYC services in real-time on their web app platform, via its RESTful API. Cutting edge technology of Shufti Pro can verify from 3000+ ID documents within seconds, enabling Centralex to establish credentials of its users from all across the globe. ID documents, selfies, and mobile 2FA can be verified in just 30 seconds.

A synergy of human and artificial intelligence props up a dynamic solution that propels Centralex yards ahead of competitors.

Global coverage
Thanks to global coverage rolled out by Shufti Pro, Centralex can verify IDs of any origin, in any language, from practically any country in the world. Blending artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human expertise, Shufti Pro has developed a reliable digital solution that is beefed up by global coverage protection.

Ease of customization
While Shufti Pro supports an array of default-accepted ID documents, it also has a sophisticated intelligence that provides for easy customization for verifying local voter IDs, regional travel IDs, or local health cards, regardless of the script of the documents. Whether the ID documents are in Arabic, Cantonese, or Latin, Shufti Pro empowers Centralex to verify the documents in seconds, drastically bringing down the time for onboarding and facilitating ease of crypto trading.

Impeccable data extraction
Advanced OCR technology of Shufti Pro reduces friction by simplifying the accumulation of end-user information. It automatically extracts specified text information mentioned on the documents, whether the user uploads their IDs or only displays them. Centralex receives the text extracted from the docs in an API response. Information extractions remain unaffected by the system or device inefficiency.

Closing thoughts
The hybrid system of Shufti Pro, combining artificial and human intelligence, provides real-time verification to the users of Centralex, making sure they don’t have to wait for hours before their identity and financial credentials are verified. Flawless, seamless API integration of Shufti Pro with Centralex web app lays down a hassle-free UI/UX for the members and traders undertaking onboarding procedure.

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Centralex is a Hong Kong based international cryptocurrency exchange. With a global vision in mind and an international office footprint spanning two continents

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