Centralex’s roadmap reflects its vision to be a one-stop-shop for all things crypto

4 min readApr 15, 2021

With a total market cap of well over $2 trillion, cryptocurrency and digital assets are most certainly the future of finance, and exchanges will undoubtedly play a key role in that development. Many exchanges, however, are primarily profit-driven and lack the will and enthusiasm to innovate in such a way that both simplifies the crypto experience and facilitates the use of crypto worldwide. Judging by their comprehensive, adoption-focused roadmap, Centralex appears to be the exception to this trend.

Token Pre-sale

After much anticipation, Centralex has announced that the pre-sale of its native CenX token will begin on 17 April 2021 with 171,875,000 tokens available for purchase at $0.03 each.

The roadmap to adoption

For any crypto investor, carefully reviewing a project’s roadmap is a critical element of due diligence prior to investing. Centralex’s ambitious roadmap is paved with innovation and reflects their vision of advancing the crypto movement worldwide one trailblazing step at a time.

2nd Quarter 2021

Three years of hard work will come to fruition on 17 May 2021 when the exchange is scheduled to go live.

With even high-interest savings accounts at traditional banks offering under 1% per annum, staking crypto has become a very attractive alternative — a no-brainer one might even say. In Q2, the staking portal at Centralex will come online for those investors who wish to earn an attractive APY on rewards-bearing coins and tokens.

Centralex’s governance portal, also due for launch in Q2, will give Centralex token holders the opportunity to vote on key initiatives and strategies put forward by the core team at Centralex.

Q2 will see Centralex’s user-friendly mobile application launched on both iOS and Android platforms. The app’s simplicity and usability will appeal to new users, especially those less tech-savvy. Centralex believes that by incrementally adding new innovative features of convenience to the platform, novice crypto users will be less overwhelmed and are more likely to integrate the platform and its tools of convenience into their everyday routine.

One of the most notable and ultimately useful features to be implemented in Q2 is Centralex’s utility portal, which allows users (in select jurisdictions) to pay various utility bills directly from the Centralex mobile or PC platform.

3rd Quarter 2021

Q3 will see the opening of Centralex’s Launchpad Projects where new crypto-related projects can raise capital from eager investors wishing to invest in new crypto ventures. These projects will be subject to a careful vetting process to ensure investors are protected from potential scams and rug-pulls.

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) have been all the rage in recent months and the momentum doesn’t appear to be slowing down. In Q3, Centralex will open the doors to their NFT After-Sale Marketplace. Users will be able to browse, buy and sell NFTs directly from the app.

Also, in Q3, Centralex will launch their Lending Portal, allowing users to borrow and lend assets at rates dictated by the DeFi market.

4th Quarter 2021

Q4 will see the advent of margin trading for advanced traders.

In addition, to address the one-at-a-time nature of the NFT market and the resulting lack of liquidity, Centralex will release NFT Liquid Pool, which will allow collectors to tokenize and pool their NFTs to make tradable funds. Collectors will then be able to buy and sell particular types of NFTs as funds. The Liquid Pool opens the door for real-time price feeds, options trading, and collateralization of fund assets.

Also towards the end of the year, cryptocurrency users will begin seeing Centralex’s Crypto ATMs popping up in cities.

Big plans…great results

Assuming they meet their targets, Centralex’s intention to become a super convenient one-stop-shop for all things crypto will be a step closer to becoming a reality by the end of the year.

The range of conveniences and services crypto can provide is growing at a mind-boggling pace. With their expressed mission to “mainstream” crypto and their focus on secure innovation integration, new features and services that simplify the lives of users are sure to be implemented quickly and efficiently by the Centralex team. With such a forward-thinking team and dynamic, feature-rich platform, it is indeed quite possible Centralex users will need no other crypto exchange or service.

CenX has a total supply of only 171,875,000 tokens and considering the future potential of Centralex, it would not be at all surprising to see the pre-sale tokens sell out in very short order.

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Centralex is a Hong Kong based international cryptocurrency exchange. With a global vision in mind and an international office footprint spanning two continents