It’s a DEX. NO. It’s a CEX. NO. It’s Centralex

“Welcome to the Best of Breed”

Bringing together tried and tested positive attributes from a CEX and a DEX. A combination beyond compare! A non-custodial CEX.

CENTRALEX — A true medium to CRYPTO MASS ADOPTION with unique fundamentals while delivering the much-needed simplicity and dexterity to integrate crypto to the products of your daily use.

Imagine a debit card that auto converts your FIAT, Banking & Crypto transactions with just a SWIPE. This is what Centralex aims to bring to the world table.

What we believe in

  • Make crypto uncomplicated for daily life. No complex or tech learning curves.
  • Make crypto available on everyday items. And be accepted as payment. Our unique debit card mechanism and further tie ups with multiple financial and business entities makes the transformation between crypto and fiat a snap of your fingers.

What we are solving

Crypto has evolved from CEX, DEX to Launchpad versions! Centralex brings you a combination of technology, scalability, adoption and more importantly user convenience on managing transactions, based on the fundamental tenets of anonymity and security like confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Every element of the overall launchpad is designed to achieve one or more of these principles.

Exchanges of all kinds are currently undergoing many inherent issues at the foundation basis. For eg. rugs can easily overshadow the great potential of the crypto ecosystem. We are here to present the community with methods and tools to overcome. Centralex provides you inherent built-in security to overcome these fake currencies.

Centralized exchanges currently monopolize the crypto market. End users have either limited or no options to exercise their fundamental right of “DECISION MAKING” to invest in what they actually want. Rather the forced down mouth approach by these so-called exchanges. Centralex has been created to provide the availability and flexibility that the users essentially need.

A peek at some of our unique features

  • Cen-LX — Liquidity Guaranteed at fair price.
  • Cen-SPLIT — A reward program that adds to your CenX stockpile on a quarterly basis, just by holding tokens. The total amount of the rewards will be of the equivalent value of 6.5% of the exchanges total
  • fees paid in CenX tokens quarterly. Delivered through our proprietary CEN-Split airdrop.
  • Centralex LOYALTY PROGRAM (STAKING) — The CenX staking contract enables users who are staking CenX to start receiving up to 25% of the transactional CenX fees received on the Centralex Exchange for trades. The first year, the CenX staking rewards will be pegged to 25%, and then halved each year thereafter. This makes the first few years of staking the most advantageous for early adopters.
  • DEFLATIONARY token — Planned burn will start at 5% and will halve each year thereafter. This leads to an increase in demand and in turn the price factor.
  • COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE MODEL — A flourishing community is vital to the Centralex platform. To facilitate a healthy ecosystem, Centralex will host a unique on-chain voting mechanism that will introduce flexible voting parameters. Initial decisions and strategies will be developed and presented by the core project team to the DAO community. Centralex token holders will be able to vote on the proposed item.


Centralex is built upon a clean and holistic User Interface to provide a seamless experience taking out the pervasive tech and geek bordered interfaces. A distributed liquidity system that works on a superfast match-making engine (AMM). A unique fee structure that suits to individual requirement. Adding a two- level strategy and a swift customer service are just a few of our never-ending chain of benefits to the normal crypto user.

At Centralex, we believe in TRANSPARENCY as the mantra! You decide what you purchase. You decide what you want to sell. At a price that you think is the best derivative for your investment. No hidden agendas nor a cut in overall transaction prices. Goal is to provide the best profitable outcome to end user.

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Centralex is a Hong Kong based international cryptocurrency exchange. With a global vision in mind and an international office footprint spanning two continents