L’attente en valait la peine — the wait was worth the while


Foremost, we want to express our sincere gratitude to all supporters, investors, and advisors across the globe. You have been our strength, while we built CENTRALEX, an exchange beyond compare. Bringing together the strength of traditional foundations combined with the latest technology.

We are excited to announce the completion of the build of the exchange. We invite you to be the early adopters, take a look around the easy on eye UI, check out the state of the art (AI) KYC methodology, visualize the wallet mechanism that gaurentees seamless liquidity and finally, continue to provide the esteemed feedback based on which we built a people’s exchange.

. . .

This exchange is our first step to bring crypto to the real mass adoption through our further strategy and road map that shortly will be shared.

Supported by an “Enhanced Security” mechanism, State of art AI “KYC methodology”, a constant and seamless “provision of liquidity” and an easy “purchase and conversion of fiat to crypto”. We have partnered separately on each of the parameters above with the leaders in the current industry to bring you the best of breed experience. Stay tuned for individual announcements!

The History — the build

Since it was founded in 2018, Centralex has been carefully put together by creative thinkers, no-nonsense developers and many more. Centralex has incubated and is ready to show its products to a broader audience through a presale and ILO.

Raising funds goes hand in hand with the launch of a successful product. Centralex has raised $650K in seed funding in 2020.

The trust from investors in the first phases of the company has enabled Centralex to build the next state-of the art exchange for the future. Focussed only on the end user. The exchange offers a home for inexperienced and pro traders, offering liquidity at a fair price.

The Present — the presale

Centralex is ready for the next phase, and is moving into a presale on its own launchpad, whereafter an ILO would be conducted on UniSwap for the Public Sale. Date would be confirmed for public sale in our upcoming announcement.

The maximum token distribution at presale was decided to be capped at $4.2M at $0.03 each $CenX token. The presale is the last chance for early adopters to get a hold of Centralex tokens at a fixed price!

After the presale, 60% of the funds raised, ($4.2M ETH) and the equivalent of that in $CenX token would be locked in the UniSwap Liquidity pool and used to launch the ILO.

The Future — Centralex

The Centralex token is a deflationary utility token used on the Centralex exchange for a fee discount. Over time, Centralex aims to expand to a dozen new multiple use cases to mitigate risk, while setting up the essentials to build an entire ecosystem.

In a recent trend, the volumes of exchanges have surged. Retail investors, fed up with the recent restrictions on stock buying, are turning their attention to cryptocurrency exchanges, taking their tokens with them to all time highs.

Centralex brings a confluent system to the table with the best possible outcome for the end-user. The exchanging fees are 72% cheaper than its competitors and aims to set itself apart through intuitive design. Centralex is prepared for the future.

Are you prepared for the presale? Stay tuned for more details rolling in shortly on Presale and ILO

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Centralex is a Hong Kong based international cryptocurrency exchange. With a global vision in mind and an international office footprint spanning two continents