The countdown is on to Centralex Pre-sale and Uniswap-hosted ILO

These are exciting times at the British Virgin Islands-based Centralex Exchange, with offices in Hong Kong and three major events kicking off this quarter: the public pre-sale of Centralex’s CenX tokens, the Uniswap-based ILO (Initial Launch Offering), and the actual launch of the much-anticipated Centralex Exchange.

Fundraising strategy

Centralex has ambitious plans for worldwide adoption that require significant capital to achieve. Their approach to raising funds is unique in the space, having both a centralized component, namely the Centralex Pre-sale, and a decentralized element, the Uniswap ILO. This two-phase strategy not only accommodates both CEX and DEX enthusiasts but also ensures compliance on the regulatory front while also taking advantage of the perceived transparency and security benefits that decentralized exchanges offer to investors.


Anticipation is mounting ahead of the upcoming pre-sale of Centralex’s deflationary token, CenX. The pre-sale launches at 0800 (CET) on 17 April 2021 with 171,875,000 tokens up for grabs at the low price of US $0.03 each.

Eager investors can purchase the tokens with Ethereum (ETH) directly from the Launchpad on the Centralex website after signing up to the exchange and completing the necessary KYC/AML formalities.

Centralex’s mission to bring crypto to the masses through constant implementation of features of everyday convenience, such as the ability to pay utility bills from within the app, should translate into impressive growth over both the long and short term, a fact that is sure to appeal to discerning investors who have done their homework. For that reason, the US$5.16 million worth of tokens on offer could sell out very quickly.

The tokens purchased during the pre-sale event will be vested for a period of nine weeks to avoid token dumping during the Uniswap ILO.

Uniswap ILO

The Uniswap ILO will commence shortly after the Centralex Pre-sale ends. Funding for the ILO will come from a proportion (60%) of the ETH accrued during the private pre-sale and a portion (20.6%) of the CenX total circulating supply. Uniswap users can participate in the ILO by purchasing CenX with their ETH using a compatible wallet.

To avoid accusations of a possible rug-pull by the team or a massive dump of pre-sale tokens, Centralex will leverage the services of TrustSwap to lock the ILO liquidity in an immutable time-released smart contract. The locking of the tokens not only builds trust in the project but also ensures a limited supply on the market, which should put considerable upward pressure on the price of the token. It goes without saying that price appreciation is advantageous for both pre-sale investors and Centralex’s funding drive.

As soon as ILO launches on Uniswap, Centralex pre-sale participants will receive 20% of their CenX tokens, followed by 10% each week thereafter till the full amount is reached.

Centralex Exchange Launch

In mid-May 2021, Centralex Exchange will open its virtual doors for trading to the public, bringing to a close the first big phase of the platform’s ongoing development. Sneak peeks of the exchange reveal an attractive, easy-to-use interface and a variety of convenient features not seen on other exchanges. One would expect nothing less from an exchange aiming to onboard the world.

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Centralex is a Hong Kong based international cryptocurrency exchange. With a global vision in mind and an international office footprint spanning two continents